Names of Gems and precious Stones

The best place to learn about the rich and diverse world of gemstones is Rudratree Rudraksha and Gemstones, which is tucked away in the energetic metropolis of Bangalore. Led by the visionary Somasundaram Pillai, a distinguished surveyor for the state of Madras, Rudratree’s journey embodies a rich tradition that spans nearly a century. Our select

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Goddess Manasa Devi

Goddess Manasa Devi, revered in Hindu mythology as the goddess of snakes and fertility, symbolizes protection, health, and the well-being of one’s family. Her connection with BlueBead Gemstones and Diamonds can be profound, particularly in how the company’s Gemstones, are used to safeguard and enhance spiritual and physical health. Indian myth

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Women can wear rudraksha

Can women wear rudraksha? Since ancient times, both men and women in Hindu culture have worn rudraksh beads. Rudraksha beads are not gender-specific, so women are welcome to wear them. Both men and women are permitted to wear rudraksha beads as long as they feel comfortable doing so. They are regarded as sacred. It's critical to treat them with car

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